Terms of Privacy

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For the informational use of our website it is generally not required that you reveal any personal data. Rather, we will only collect and make use of such data that are automatically transmitted by your internet browser, e.g. your IP address. This information is only stored for the duration of your visit to our website and may be analyzed solely for statistical purposes, meaning that you remain anonymous.

If you choose to correspond with us via our website, you may be required to transmit personal data. We collect, process and use the personal data transmitted by you if it is necessary to create, perform or terminate such a legal obligation or quasi-legal obligation with you. Such a legal obligation arises, for example, if you contact us. In such cases, we will use your personal data in order to process your respective request. It is entirely up to you whether you transmit your personal data to us for such purposes.

Please be advised that data transmission over the internet (e.g. communications via email) generally has to be considered insecure. A consistent protection of data from unauthorized third-party access is infeasible.

We explicitly object to the usage of our imprint contact information for the purpose of sending us unrequested advertisements or other information material, i.e. spam. We reserve the right to take legal action against offenders.